, Welcome to the site Anssieraden. My name is Ans de Lange and it is my passion to design and create all different kind of jewelry. I create them from all different kind of materials such as rubber, aluminium, tyvek and paper. I also got very excited about working with recycled materials.

My jewelry is very divers, from fancy to cool. Every item differs from the other because the colors and materials change.

My inspiration for creating my jewelry originates from the love for the materials with which I work. Got curious? Take a quick peek. (You can also find me at www.facebook.com/anssieraden)

Do you have a special request? I love to think along with you. On page Contact you can let me know what your wishes are.

I'd love to hear from you!

Ans de Lange

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Mailing address:

06 25524334
Stationsstraat 33
7481 JB Haaksbergen